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revision 3323 by sgodin, Tue Sep 14 19:51:14 2004 UTC revision 3354 by sgodin, Tue Sep 28 15:17:28 2004 UTC
# Line 47  Line 47 
47        int getDefaultRegistrationTime();        int getDefaultRegistrationTime();
48        int getDefaultSubscriptionTime();        int getDefaultSubscriptionTime();
50        void addSupportedScheme(const Data& scheme);        void addSupportedScheme(const Data& scheme);          // Default is "sip"
       void addSupportedMethod(const MethodTypes& method);  
       void addSupportedOptionTags(const Token& tag);  
       void addSupportedMimeType(const Mime& mimeType);  
       void addSupportedEncoding(const Token& encoding);  
       void addSupportedLanguage(const Token& lang);  
51        bool isSchemeSupported(const Data& scheme);        bool isSchemeSupported(const Data& scheme);
52          void clearSupportedSchemes(void);
54          void addSupportedMethod(const MethodTypes& method);   // Defaults are: INVITE, ACK, CANCEL, OPTIONS, BYE
55        bool isMethodSupported(MethodTypes method);        bool isMethodSupported(MethodTypes method);
56        bool isMimeTypeSupported(const Mime& mimeType);        Tokens getAllowedMethods();
57        bool isContentEncodingSupported(const Token& contentEncoding);        void clearSupportedMethods(void);
       bool isLanguageSupported(const Tokens& lang);  
59        // return the list of unsupported tokens from set of requires tokens        void addSupportedOptionTag(const Token& tag);        // Default is none
60        Tokens isSupported(const Tokens& requires);        Tokens getUnsupportedOptionsTags(const Tokens& requires); // Returns list of unsupported option tags
61        Tokens getSupportedOptionTags();        Tokens getSupportedOptionTags();
62        Tokens getAllowedMethods();        void clearSupportedOptionTags(void);
64          void addSupportedMimeType(const Mime& mimeType);      // Default is application/sdp
65          bool isMimeTypeSupported(const Mime& mimeType);
66        Mimes getSupportedMimeTypes();        Mimes getSupportedMimeTypes();
67          void clearSupportedMimeTypes(void);
69          void addSupportedEncoding(const Token& encoding);     // Default is no encoding
70          bool isContentEncodingSupported(const Token& contentEncoding);
71        Tokens getSupportedEncodings();        Tokens getSupportedEncodings();
72          void clearSupportedEncodings(void);
74          void addSupportedLanguage(const Token& lang);         // Default is all - if nothing is set, then all are allowed
75          bool isLanguageSupported(const Tokens& lang);
76        Tokens getSupportedLanguages();        Tokens getSupportedLanguages();
77          void clearSupportedLanguages(void);
79            //enable/disable sending of Allow/Supported/Accept/Accept-Language/Accept-Encoding headers            //enable/disable sending of Allow/Supported/Accept-Language/Accept-Encoding headers
80            //on initial outbound requests (ie. Initial INVITE, REGISTER, etc.) and Invite 200 responses            //on initial outbound requests (ie. Initial INVITE, REGISTER, etc.) and Invite 200 responses
81            //Note:  Default is to advertise Headers::Accept and Headers::Supported, use clearAdvertisedCapabilities to remove these            //Note:  Default is to advertise Headers::Allow and Headers::Supported, use clearAdvertisedCapabilities to remove these
82            //       Currently implemented header values are: Headers::Accept, Headers::Allow,            //       Currently implemented header values are: Headers::Allow,
83            //       Headers::AcceptEncoding, Headers::AcceptLanguage, Headers::Supported            //       Headers::AcceptEncoding, Headers::AcceptLanguage, Headers::Supported
84            void addAdvertisedCapability(const Headers::Type header);            void addAdvertisedCapability(const Headers::Type header);
85        bool isAdvertisedCapability(const Headers::Type header);        bool isAdvertisedCapability(const Headers::Type header);
# Line 119  Line 127 
127        bool& rportEnabled();              bool& rportEnabled();      
128        const bool rportEnabled() const;              const bool rportEnabled() const;      
130          //enable/disable content validation
131          bool& validateContentEnabled();
132          const bool validateContentEnabled() const;
134          //enable/disable content language validation
135          bool& validateContentLanguageEnabled();
136          const bool validateContentLanguageEnabled() const;
138          //enable/disable Accept header validation
139          bool& validateAcceptEnabled();
140          const bool validateAcceptEnabled() const;
142            //if set then UserAgent header is added to outbound messages            //if set then UserAgent header is added to outbound messages
143        void setUserAgent( const Data& userAgent );        void setUserAgent( const Data& userAgent );
144        const Data& getUserAgent() const;        const Data& getUserAgent() const;
# Line 144  Line 164 
165        bool mLooseToTagMatching;        bool mLooseToTagMatching;
166        bool mRportEnabled;        bool mRportEnabled;
167          bool mValidateContentEnabled;
168          bool mValidateContentLanguageEnabled;
169          bool mValidateAcceptEnabled;
170        bool mHasUserAgent;              bool mHasUserAgent;      
172        Data mUserAgent;        Data mUserAgent;

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