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Diff of /main/resip/dum/test/basicClientUserAgent.hxx

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revision 9738 by sgodin, Wed Feb 1 16:12:20 2012 UTC revision 9739 by sgodin, Thu May 31 15:58:53 2012 UTC
# Line 131  Line 131 
131     void onCallTimeout(BasicClientCall* call);     void onCallTimeout(BasicClientCall* call);
133     SharedPtr<MasterProfile> mProfile;     SharedPtr<MasterProfile> mProfile;
134       // Using pointers for the following classes so that we can control object descruction order
135     Security* mSecurity;     Security* mSecurity;
136     SipStack mStack;     SelectInterruptor* mSelectInterruptor;
137     DialogUsageManager* mDum; // DUM holds pointers to alot of objects that access this UserAgent class - using a pointer to DUM so that we can have more control over it's lifetime     SipStack* mStack;
138     SelectInterruptor mSelectInterruptor;     InterruptableStackThread* mStackThread;
139     InterruptableStackThread mStackThread;     DialogUsageManager* mDum;
140     volatile bool mDumShutdownRequested;     volatile bool mDumShutdownRequested;
141     bool mDumShutdown;     bool mDumShutdown;
142     ClientRegistrationHandle mRegHandle;     ClientRegistrationHandle mRegHandle;

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