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Fri May 11 08:41:09 2007 UTC (12 years, 6 months ago) by derek
File size: 281 byte(s)
added capability to set specific log level for a subsystem. 

Use Log::level, not the direct method on the Subsystem. See testLogger for detailed usage.

Also changed Log::Guard to not copy subsytem; it looks like this was resulting in a data copy every log statement. With the new per susbsytem log level, this could result in a lost log mesage, if Subsystem:getLevel is not atomic. Seems worth the risk to avoid the copy.
2 #include "rutil/Logger.hxx"
3 #include "TestSubsystemLogLevel.hxx"
7 using namespace resip;
9 void
10 Noisy::outputLogMessages()
11 {
12 StackLog(<< " STACK");
13 DebugLog(<< " DEBUG");
14 InfoLog(<< " INFO");
15 CritLog(<< " CRIT");
16 }

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