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sip.xcode/  2156  16 years  fluffy   made it actually build limp
drafts/  2777  15 years  rohan   bar
gag/  3034  15 years  adam   Made builds static (required for Windows Gaim installer).
stateless-proxy/  3433  15 years  jason   reverting RESIP_ change to version 3429
presSvr/  3696  15 years  dlb   std namespace
SipIMPSetup/  3978  14 years  fluffy  
certs/  4338  14 years  fluffy   mods for sipit
SipIMP/  4652  14 years  fluffy   fixed for new SecurityAttributes definitions
contrib/  4692  14 years  sgodin   restored assert statements for WIN32
ReproSetup/  4703  14 years  fluffy   update version numebr for build
autotools/  4731  14 years  nils   fixed wrong header name
build/  4769  14 years  greg   Change some recursive variables to simple variables for speed; don't use distcc …
repro/  4775  14 years  sgodin   added IsTrustedNode to build
resiprocate/  4781  14 years  sgodin   modified to work with new ShartPtr management of Master/UserProfiles
ChangeLog  1977  16 years  alan   Merge of many Jasomi local changes. 2003-10-16 Alan Hawrylyshen <alan@jasomi.com…
INSTALL  2418  15 years  jason   build docs updated to reference old build system
README  2418  15 years  jason   build docs updated to reference old build system
Resip.spec.in  2542  15 years  fluffy   *** empty log message ***
.cvsignore  3008  15 years  alan   .cvsignore updates
update-svn-ignores.sh  3009  15 years  alan   Logging in support of CNAME resolution. Autotools updates. Added update-svn-igno…
configure.in  3170  15 years  alan   local data change
configure  3177  15 years  alan   exceptions support for fd sets -- addresses windows streaming transport connecti…
ReSIProcate_8_0.sln  4438  14 years  fluffy   add in PCRE stuff
COPYING  4589  14 years  fluffy   update comments
README.windows  4589  14 years  fluffy   update comments
ReSIProcate_7_1.sln  4655  14 years  sgodin   added BasicCall
ReSIProcate_7_0.sln  4701  14 years  fluffy   fix few warning on windows
use-autotools.sh  4727  14 years  nils   prelimaniry autotools support for repro
README.autotools  4727  14 years  nils   prelimaniry autotools support for repro
sip.mcp.xml  4743  14 years  sailesh   Fixed mistake where I had inline on for the debug Target of Resiprocate.
Makefile  4757  14 years  greg   - remove mandatory dependency on Makefile.conf - remove explicit references to -…


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