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Diff of /main/sip/resiprocate/dum/Profile.hxx

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revision 2514 by jason, Sat Apr 3 22:22:52 2004 UTC revision 2526 by jason, Sun Apr 4 03:36:38 2004 UTC
# Line 15  Line 15 
15        bool isSchemeSupported(const Data& scheme);        bool isSchemeSupported(const Data& scheme);
16        bool isMethodSupported(MethodTypes method);        bool isMethodSupported(MethodTypes method);
17        bool isMimeTypeSupported(const Mime& mimeType);        bool isMimeTypeSupported(const Mime& mimeType);
18          bool isContentEncodingSupported(const Token& contentEncoding);
19          bool isLanguageSupported(const Tokens& lang);
21        // return the list of unsupported tokens from set of requires tokens        // return the list of unsupported tokens from set of requires tokens
22        Tokens isSupported(Token& requires);        Tokens isSupported(Token& requires);
23        Tokens getAllowedMethods();        Tokens getAllowedMethods();
24        Mimes getSupportedMimeTypes();        Mimes getSupportedMimeTypes();
25          Tokens getSupportedEncodings();
26          Tokens getSupportedLanguages();
28        void addSupportedScheme(const Data& scheme);        void addSupportedScheme(const Data& scheme);
29        void addSupportedMethod(const MethodTypes& method);        void addSupportedMethod(const MethodTypes& method);
30        void addSuportedOptionTags(const Token& tag);        void addSuportedOptionTags(const Token& tag);
31        void addSupportedMimeType(const Mime& mimeType);        void addSupportedMimeType(const Mime& mimeType);
32          void addSupportedEncoding(const Token& encoding);
33          void addSupportedLanguage(const Token& lang);
35        void setOutboundProxy( const Data& uri );        void setOutboundProxy( const Data& uri );

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