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Author: sgodin
Date: Sun Feb 27 17:17:15 2011 UTC (8 years, 10 months ago)
Changed paths: 35
Log Message:
-merge work from b-client-outbound-20110213 - client outbound support (RFC 5626)
   - New UserProfile settings
      - clientOutboundEnabled
      - setRegId
   - UserProfile now tracks flow used at registration time if server indicates outbound support, and 
     all usages that are assigned the same UserProfile will use this flow
   - ;ob parameter is added to contact headers of non-REGISTER requests if clientOutboundEnabled
   - ;reg-id parameter is added to contact headers of REGISTER requests if configured
   - ;+sip.instance is added to all contact headers if configured
   - ClientRegistration tagContact is now static and is used in RegistrationCreator for consistency
   - Keep alive pong responses are now routed from Stack to DUM Keepalive Manager
   - DUM Keep alive manager will terminate flows if a pong response is not received from 
     an outbound enabled connection after a default of 10 seconds
   -removed a bunch of non-implemented methods from DialogUsageManager.hxx
   -optimized some accesses to user profile from usages
   -added new makeInviteSession calls that accept an InviteSessionHandle and add an appropriate replaces header
   -treat internal 503 errors the same as 408 errors when dispatching onRequestRetry callback for
    ClientRegistration, ClientSubscription and ClientPublication
      - allows retry logic that is consistent when using both UDP or TCP/TLS transports
      - note:  TCP/TLS transports get a 503 error when they cannot connect, UDP transports typically
               get a 408 error when the far end is not present
   -ClientRegistration changes to ensure calling requestRefresh will not assert in any state
      - allow calling requestRefresh while a retry timer is running to request an immediate retry 
   -created onFlowTerminated callbacks on:
      - ClientRegistrationHandler - default implementation is to retry registration immediately
      - InviteSessionHandler - current default implementation is to do nothing
      - ServerSubscriptionHandler - default implementation is to end the Subscription
      - ClientSubscriptionHandler - default implementation is to reSubscribe (new Dialog)
   -fix for ContactInstanceRecord equality checks - registration server was not treating contacts with the same
    instance id as equal if the contact URI was different

Changed paths

Path Details
Directorymain/resip/dum/BaseCreator.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ClientPublication.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ClientRegistration.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ClientRegistration.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ClientSubscription.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ClientSubscription.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ContactInstanceRecord.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/Dialog.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/Dialog.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/DialogSet.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/DialogSet.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/DialogUsageManager.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/DialogUsageManager.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/DumTimeout.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/InviteSession.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/InviteSession.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/InviteSessionHandler.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/InviteSessionHandler.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/KeepAliveManager.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/KeepAliveManager.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/KeepAliveTimeout.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/KeepAliveTimeout.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/NetworkAssociation.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/NetworkAssociation.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/NonDialogUsage.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/RegistrationCreator.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/RegistrationHandler.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/RegistrationHandler.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ServerRegistration.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ServerSubscription.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/ServerSubscription.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/SubscriptionHandler.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/SubscriptionHandler.hxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/UserProfile.cxx modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/UserProfile.hxx modified , text changed

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