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Author: moetje
Date: Sun Feb 10 18:39:07 2013 UTC (6 years, 11 months ago)
Changed paths: 21
Log Message:
the following information is for Visual Studio 2010 users only. If you are not using the Visual Studio 2010 Solution and projects, you can stop reading, the described changes do not apply to you!

The problem with the current Visual Studio Solution was that when you want to build both for  x86 and x64 platform, all the output goes to the same folders. So, in order to consume reciprocate in a solution targeting both platforms there were only two options:

  - Create a build process where resiprocate is always built in x86 or x64 each time before your own solution is built for one of these platforms
  - Download (or SVN get) reciprocate to two separate folders and build one for x86 and another one x64

Also build output was created in different folders depending on individual project settings. There are eight possible configuration/platform combinations, and I think it would be best to have the output of all projects created in a single folder for each configuration/platform combinations. After the changes I just checked in, the output is now organized as follows:

  - Solution Folder
      - Win32
          - Debug
          - Release
          - SSL-Debug
          - SSL-Release
      - X64
          - Debug
          - Release
          - SSL-Debug
          - SSL-Release

In order to make this work I just changed the Output Directory for all projects and for all configuration/platform combinations to


I also changed the Intermediate Directory for all projects to:


(with exceptions: wherever several projects reside in the same folder, different intermediate directories are required. This is true for reprolib and the basicXXX projects)

Additionally I added SSL project configurations for all projects that didn’t already have these. This is required to have all outputs created in a single directory and it’s also necessary to enable consistent builds. Otherwise a Clean operation in a non-SSL configuration would affect an SSL configuration’s output.

I also did some more changes/cleanup:

  - Added _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS to projects where it was still missing in order to reduce the amount of warnings. There are less than 30 warnings now, so one can concentrate on those warnings that might really matter instead of just ignoring a large warning list
  - Removed Manifest Tool Command Line additional option “validate_manifest “ for [repro-x64-Debug-SSL]. This switch makes the MT.exe only parse the input but does not generate output and can lead to a build error. 
  - Removed all Property Pages “Upgrade from VC 7.1”. The sole purpose of this is to introduce the preprocessor directive “_VC80_UPGRADE=0x0710” which has no practical use at all
  - There’s a bug in Visual Studio 2010 when Visual Studio 2012 is installed also. As a result, the Setup projects detect a dependency on the .NET Framework for a C++ project even if it does not use .NET. It can be cured by adding “<AddAdditionalExplicitAssemblyReferences>false</AddAdditionalExplicitAssemblyReferences>” to the project file. After doing so I could remove the incorrectly added LaunchCondition in the setup projects. Details can be found here: http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/746328/after-installing-vs-11-rc-vs-10-setup-projects-require-the-net-framework 
  - Added a new file VisualStudioReadme.htm with some information about the Visual Studio build

Changed paths

Path Details
Directorymain/VisualStudioReadme.htm added
Directorymain/contrib/GeoIP/GeoIP_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/contrib/db/build_windows/db_static_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/contrib/pcre/pcre_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/contrib/popt/popt_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/reSIProcate_10_0.sln modified , text changed
Directorymain/repro/WinSetup/Setup_10_0.vdproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/repro/WinSetupx64/Setupx64_10_0.vdproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/repro/accountingconsumers/queuetostream_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/repro/repro_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/repro/reprocmd/reprocmd_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/repro/reprolib_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/dum_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/test/basicCall_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/test/basicClient_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/test/basicMessage_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/dum/test/basicRegister_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/stack/resiprocate_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/resip/stack/test/test_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/rutil/dns/ares/ares_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed
Directorymain/rutil/rutil_10_0.vcxproj modified , text changed

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